About Us

Garage Nouveau’s philosophy is driven by the synergy of two opposing but complementary creative minds, Enrico and Massimo, joined by two designers Giulia and Claudia with the same attitude and diversity, work in harmony to create collections that explore the concept of originality and creativity.
The brand identity is reflected in the fusion of contrasting styles, creating a perfect balance between femininity and audacity.

“One woman, a thousand women” – this is the “mantra” that defines the essence of Garage Nouveau. Our brand’s mission is to capture the feminine soul in all its facets, making each creation a cross-reflection of the woman and the product.
Our unique approach to fashion design and creation is guided by the philosophy of artistic beauty, the source and inspiration for each collection.
Garage Nouveau becomes synonymous with uniqueness, where each garment is a work of art, and above all authenticity, of each woman.

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