About Us

Our mission

The woman by Garage Nouveau loves beauty, she surrounds herself with refined objects found here and there in the vintage and modern antiques markets. She has a predisposition towards color, what she talks about and that gives personality to the wearer. She is not afraid to risk it, but still with taste and proportion.

She likes to play on that subtle balance between irony and refinement, without ever underestimating the aspect of comfort and practicality: she wears comfortable clothes, with essential lines, providing classic shades with color accents that capture the attention.

She is dressed in prints, with a refined taste, tie and patchwork micro elements. She never underestimates the accessory in her look, and she uses scarves for any use, in her hair and on the waist.

She falls in love with the details, with simple garments enriched with a beautiful patterned lining, with a contrasting profile on a camel coat.
She loves to communicate with the objects she wears, her independence of her and her versatility as a working woman.

She is dynamic, she breaks the classic taste with sneakers and a cognac-colored coat.
She is a dreamer, she listens to good music and savors the 70s taste in her globality, drawing inspiration for her looks and accessories.
She mixes expensive garments with an economically lighter product, because she doesn’t scare her to dare and play dress up, all this amuses her.
She has a dynamic life and tries to combine taste with comfort with daily but refined outfits to recreate a GN made —– unique taste.